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Why you should join

Student Bonfire is an organization that began in 2001 to carry on the tradition, of building and burning a bonfire, each year. Hard work, dedication, and determination are all skills that are learned with participating. Joining Student Bonfire, also means joining the OC family. 

email us at:
message us at: (214)801-5965

"If you haven't done it with the Hogs, you just haven't done it."

---  Jimmy Makusky '89

Bonfire is about the burning desire to beat the hell outta t.u. It builds leadership and camaraderie between students of any origin. Bonfire is about being a part of community. Every log that goes on Bonfire is cut, moved, loaded, unloaded, and stacked by the hands of students. Help keep this tradition alive, and be a part of the bonfire family. Join today!

The crew is always working to keep the tradition of Student Bonfire alive. The crew  also participates in most other Texas A&M traditions, such as Aggie Muster, Silver Taps, and Bonfire Remembrance.

Most weeks, we host our traditional Hog Dinner at The Dixie Chicken every Friday at 8:18. They are a great way for members of our crew to come together and get to know one another. For new members, this provides opportunities to meet new people, learn about the crew's history, and have all of their questions answered. Check the Off Campus Hogs Facebook page to see if a dinner is scheduled to take place (we post alerts the Wednesday before).

Hog Dinners