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About Off Campus Hogs

Our origin with Student Bonfire started in 2005, but traces its roots back to 1981 with the original on campus Bonfire.

People ask all the time where the name "Hogs" comes from. Like most things associated with bonfire, there is a story behind the name.

When Bonfire was still held on campus, off campus students were known simply as "Off Campus Aggies", or "OCA" for short. Sometime during the 1984 season, a couple of Off Campus Aggies were seen in a dirt pit by a packing miss priss. The girl's nose wrinkled in disdain at the site of the guys as she exclaimed something along the lines of "God, those guys look like a bunch of hogs rooting around in the mud!" As it so happened, the story of miss priss and her disgust became infamous, and the name "Hogs" stuck.

Today's Off Campus Hogs crew take both their name and inspiration  from these crews of the past. As you can see past leadership page, the old OCA Yellowpot line that began in 1981 has been passed on to the new OC crew.

1981 was a very successful year for the Off Campus Hogs, so successful that 1982 was the largest crew the Hogs have ever had. The Hogs were the driving force of bonfire that year. They had their own cut team, stack team, load team, unload team, tractors, and other machinery that made it possible for the Hogs to be 100% self-sufficient. In order to maintain safety the Hogs had to elect three Yellowpots, a feat which is yet to be replicated. The Hogs were also very fortunate that the 1990 and 1991 Yellowpots are on the board of directors for Student Bonfire. After a few years absent without a bonfire the Hogs were fortunate enough to maintain contact with the last Yellowpot of the original Bonfire and in 2006 receieved the honors of being able to have the Yellowpot return and participate in Off Campus Student Bonfire. The Hogs maintain a reputation as one of the most efficient and well respected crews to this day.