Frequently Asked Questions

What are the "pots"?

  • The pot types determine where you are in the leadership hierarchy.
  • Red pot- The coordinators and safety advisers for bonfire as a whole
  • Brown pot- The rank below redpots that handle the chainsaws
  • Green pot- Not a leadership position but they handle the paperwork, attendance, and records for bonfire
  • Yellow pot- The coordinators and safety advisers for individual crews (1 per crew but not all crews have one).
  • Chief/Chair- The leadership that are below the yellowpots (3-5 per crew).

What do Off Campus Hogs have to do with bonfire?

  • Bonfire participants are broken down into several different Crews. These crews are generally comprised of students who live in the same dorm or are in the same corps outfit. The Off Campus Hogs are a crew made up of Bonfire participants who live off campus, however we accept just about anyone.

Who can come to Bonfire?

  • Everyone is welcome at Bonfire as long as they are safe. The more, the merrier! However, any participant who doesn't follow the safety guidelines set forth by Student Bonfire leadership will be asked to leave.

Current Leadership of 2018 (from right to left)

Jack Gunn- Yellow Pot

Reagan Hovey- Crew Chief

Will Corn- Crew Chief

Paige Manel- Crew Chief

Taylor Otter- Chair

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What supplies do I need?

  • A pot (the helmet). These can be found at college depot, military depot, and many military supply stores. Don't get the ones with a chin strap.
  • Steel toe boots
  • A set of cloths you don't care about (these are known as your grodes) that have no holes larger than a quarter on them.
  • $5 for your "cut card" which can be provided at cut class or at cut.

How do I get updates about events?

  • Join the Off Campus Hogs Facebook page, all updates are posted there
  • Text the Yellow pot at (214) 801-5965 for text updates

What is Student Bonfire?

  • Student Bonfire is an organization of students working together to build and burn the annual pre-Thanksgiving Bonfire. It is being a part of something bigger than yourself, making friends that will last forever, and keeping a tradition alive. For more information visit